Real World Bifrost

Uppsala universitet

Real World Bifrost

There are many others, but these are the ones I know best.

"Software routing don't work"

Heard from time to time.

I disagree.

Uppsala University (UU) runs three separate AS all behind it's own Bifrost router pair..

"Software routing don't work"

and all of them are on the Sunet top-10 traffic list. top 10 load graph

I think they do work.

Design tips

You (usually) can't hot-swap hardware (i.e. adding a new NIC will spoil your uptime)

Hardware do break sometimes, no matter what brand it is

Use well known hardware (or make sure you test it long before you start depending on it)

Use them in pairs, both for redundance and maintainance (it won't save your uptime but it is still a good idea:-)

More tips

If placed on noisy power lines, use an UPS

Keep backups - even USB sticks fail

Closing time

That's all for now