Bifrost Network Project

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Bifrost Pictures (from 1998)

Stack of Bifrosts

A stack of Bifrost machines. At the bottom, the original test machine in a 19 inch rack mountable black box. The other two uses the AOpen desktop case.

Flash Disks

The flashdisks used by Bifrost. The 20 MB standing up and the 30 MB laying down.

Back Panel

The back panel of one of our test machines. From left to right: 2 Netgear FA 310TX TP-cards, Efficient Networks ENI155P ATM-card, ZNYX NetBlaster ZX346 4-port TP-card, Berkshire Watchdog and the video-card (ISA-card to save PCI-slots).

Inside View

Inside of a Bifrost machine (the same as above). Quite visible are the PCI- and ISA-cards, as well as the memory capsule and the CPU fan (hiding an AMD K6).

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